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Apple iPhone Launcher For Android | iOS Launcher

Best iPhone Launcher And iOS Launcher For Android (Latest iOS 6, 6S, 7, 7S)

OG YouTube Android Operating System is the most popular and widely used mobile phone operating system across the world and i think it doesn’t really have any alternatives of android except Apple iOS phone. Android has a gorgeous interface. I have some best and cool iPhone Launcher for android devices. You can download iOS Launcher from below links.OG YouTube

iPhone Launcher
Android Launchers might help to change and customize your android smartphone user interface, app icons and much more. But I'll going to share some awesome and iPhone Launcher for android. You can quickly convert your android phone into the iPhone 7 or 7S. If you need to have a awesome and cool user interface for your android smartphone, you might choose anyone from the play store to switch your UI and home screen.OG YouTube

Best iPhone Launcher For Android

1. One Launcher

One launcher OG YouTube  is the one of the best and free iPhone launcher for android app available for the Android smartphone. You can enjoy the iOS user interface, iOS icons and transition effects easily on your android smartphone. It has lots of iPhone features and cool customization features. In this iPhone Launcher each interface and features was added from the iPhone UI. Using this iOS launcher you can easily drag and drop the home screen icons to create a app folder. When you press Long tap on the home screen to open pop up about the additional settings that could help you to customize the whole home screen look. One Launcher provides lock screen exact like iPhone, slide to unlock. Its provide same as iPhone features, look very nice the same as you would have iPhone on your android smartphone.OG YouTube
One Launcher

Once you installed this iOS Launcher then your android phone look lik iOS phone. The launcher also brings by default apps like OneSearch, Memory Cleaner. This launcher also packed in a search feature similar to Spotlight Search in iOS 9.

Download One Launcher | Latest Apk

2. iLauncher

iLauncher OG YouTube is another awesome iPhone launcher for android device that doesn’t bring the whole iOS but it is enough for android user. iLauncher have the same best interface and the same set of few features settings. This launcher don’t have lots of features but at least you get the iOS launcher home screen on your android device without purchase iPhone. Once you install the app, you are iOS home screen on your android phone. There are not lots of customization options here. You can change the background image, move apps and create new folders. The good thing is that  iLauncher Launcher don’t cause any problems to your android phone overall performance. Its run smoothly. So, Download iLauncher from below link.OG YouTube

Download iLauncher | Latest Apk

3. Espier Launcher

Espier Launcher is the most popular and awesome flat style edition iPhone Launcher for android smartphone. In this Espier Launcher you can experience the perfect Apple iOS on android phone. It has lots of flat style font, cool layout, search page, and home screen animations. Now, you can feel the iPhone iOS on your Android PhoneOG YouTube

Features Of Espier Launcher

  • Same to same implementation of Apple flat style,home screen effects & functions in your android device.OG YouTube
  • Its provide same Apple flat style animations on your android.
  • It has Dynamic clock and calendar icons same as iPhone.
  • Best customization of icon: You can fully customize the icon size.
  • Lots of themes and iPhone wallpapers are available in store.

Download Espier Launcher | Latest Apk

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